Smart Sensors are becoming ever more important as a vital component in the internetworking of electronic devices and machine-to-machine communications.

Practically every application of technology starts with sensing a physical condition of a person, a machine, a structure or a device. Whether it be pressure, temperature, strain, magnetic field, acoustic noise level, electromagnetic interference or current blood-oxygen levels, simply sensing and transmitting the electrical equivalent of the measured condition is frequently not enough.

The electrical output of the sensor typically needs to be filtered, conditioned, calibrated, compressed, analysed and intelligently combined with other sensor outputs. To ensure data is protected, resilience and security measures are also implemented prior to transmission.

This is how we define a Smart Sensor.

Plextek has been creating Smart Sensor solutions for more than twenty years. It has designed and manufactured numerous solutions for applications as diverse as electricity, gas & water utilities, healthcare, transport, security and defence.

Whilst each Smart Sensor requirement is highly specialised and unique, we also have the capability to design and supply Smart Sensors for systems with in excess of one million sensors.

Smart Sensors are frequently associated with demanding technical and commercial challenges.

We offer our multidisciplinary capabilities in sensor systems, signal processing, embedded digital processing, data exploitation, communications engineering, antennas & propagation and production engineering to always test and push the limits of these perceptions.

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