RF Design

Plextek is a renowned centre of excellence for RF design, with the capability to tackle both standards based and bespoke design to 80 GHz and beyond.

RF Technology Development

RF design and development is at the core of our business. Areas of expertise span integration of standards based chipsets including GSM, 3G, 4G, WiFi, digital-PMR and Bluetooth, to full custom system development.

We employ state of the art linear and non-linear analysis tools for circuit design and optimisation, plus the ability to develop and characterise antennas across a wide range of frequencies.

We develop complete products or provide specialised design expertise for sub-systems such as synthesisers, amplifiers, mixers, antennas and filters.

Example Projects

  • 400MHz to 4GHz Software Defined Radio
  • Sonobuoy transceiver
  • High performance synthesisers (military and commercial)
  • Telemetry (military and commercial)
  • Solid state radar
  • GSM/GPS vehicle tracking
  • 3G femtocell transceiver