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Developing New Microwave Technology

Plextek was approached by a leading global domestic appliance brand with a new microwave oven concept for cooking different foods together, but at different temperatures.

Finding Technical Competitive Advantage

A leading consumer products brand was considering how to enter a new digitised category.

Innovation Design: New technology to transform luxury products

The technology inside consumer electronics often goes unnoticed by the end user.

Innovation Strategy – CamelBak: How can we successfully innovate in connected products?

CamelBak provides a range of innovative hydration packs, backpacks, and water bottles.

Test System for 5g Broadband

We worked with a broadband company that is developing an ecosystem of products designed to simplify and improve our connected lives.

Capit-All Desktop Instrumentation

To prevent cross-threading or over-tightening of caps, as well as the cross-contamination of samples during entry and removal. Also, to remove the need for disassembly for cleaning and maintenance and enable personnel at any level to operate instruments without the need for very high standards of training.

LEADseeker Multimodality Imaging System

Working in a multi-disciplinary team the key objective was to increase the flexibility of the instrument to perform a wider range of modalities without compromising performance. In addition time to market was an important factor.

Vehicle Asset Management System

Vehicle Asset Management System (VAM) products enable efficient management of vehicular fleets (e.g. fleets, emergency services and heavy equipment/machinery) and offer driver-behaviour monitoring for the vehicle insurance markets.

Intelligent Mobility

Autonomous vehicles must be capable of sensing their environment, including moving objects and people, so that they can move safely with little to no human input or risk. The de-risking exercise involves testing and validation using real-life scenarios in a controlled environment.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

A market leader in tyre pressure monitoring was going through a transformation of their product from Analog to Digital. A product that worked in their labs and limited trials failed when put to test in the real environment.

Sensors for Automatic Passenger Counting

The sensor needed to provide a resolution to identify multiple and simultaneous passenger movements, as well as present the client with a low material and manufacturing cost per unit.

A Passive Radar Identification Tag for Unambiguous Object Localisation

Plextek have successfully developed a low-cost proof of concept demonstrator. This retroreflector ID tag has been tested at two typical ranges for its application, 30m – 60m with successful results.

Telehealth Innovation – Connecting Patients to their Carers

Changing demographics and an ageing population is putting an increasing burden on the NHS, risking its ability to provide care free at the point of access.

Cost-effective Technology Development

Our client, Genosis, had developed an OTC male fertility test which mimics nature by separating the motile (active) sperm from the non-motile (inactive) sperm and then measures them using a chemical test strip.

Immersive Technology for Complex Systems Training

Effective training requires immersion in a realistic environment where appropriate skills can be developed.

Commercialising Medical Innovation

Our client PneumaCare, a University of Cambridge spin-out, had developed non-contact technology for the measurement of lung function, which did not require the patient to make forced expirations.

Real-time Monitoring of Patients in Challenging Environments

Our US-based client wanted to develop an ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor that could record and transmit information from adult patients undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Wearable Tech for early Detection & Prevention of Hearing Damage

NIHL and tinnitus have traditionally been a problem for those working in noisy environments, such as rock musicians, soldiers or construction workers, but it is also spreading fast among the music-loving younger generation.

Distributed Real Time Spectrum Monitoring

Organisations with assets or critical processes that rely on radio signalling can range from international airports and power stations to office blocks. This requires constant monitoring for radio interference threats, and responding effectively to them when they occur.

Smart City Parking System

Finding a parking space in a busy city can be frustrating. It is also a leading contributor to traffic congestion and air pollution within urban environments.

Smart Utility Meters

Reporting usage statistics for billing is just the tip of the iceberg. Smart Meters provide communications between individual properties and the nationwide utility networks – facilitating a broad range of functionalities.

Smart City Street lighting Infrastructure

The monitoring and control of street lights has become the backbone of global Smart Cities – initially driven by the need to save energy and reduce costs, but rapidly becoming the ubiquitous hub through which all manner of urban data feeds are collated.

Drone Inspection of Solar Farms

Government incentives and lower cost Photo Voltaic (PV) cells have seen solar generation expand across the UK over the past decade. Solar energy is now capable of contributing close to 10 GW to the national grid in peak seasons.

Microwave Camera for Detecting Hidden Objects

Our client, the Department for Transport (DfT), awarded Plextek with the Transport Technology Research and Innovation Grant (T-TRIG) to conduct a research study into the improvement of aviation security and screening procedures at airport checkpoints.

Surveillance Radar for Comprehensive Threat Detection

Our client, a world leader in providing state-of-the-art perimeter surveillance systems, wanted a mm-wave radar capable of long-range detection with a low false-alarm rate.

Millimetre-Wave Radar for Foreign Object Detection

Wave Tech, a Korean-based RF signal technology company, required a short-range Foreign Object Detection (FOD) system for airport runways.

Smart Desk Light

Our client, Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS), approached us to take the original concept from inception into high volume production for the commercial consumer market.

Sensor Monitoring of Manhole Infrastructures

In America’s biggest cities hundreds of service manholes catch fire or explode every year. To protect the people from these risks, our client wanted a system that could detect and transmit early warnings about sites before reaching critical state so preventative action could be taken.

Electronics Manufacturing

Plextek works on complex hardware programmes. Often delays in designing a single module will delay the whole programme. Challenging requirements means that the appropriate technical expertise is not widely available, making delays hard to recover.

Technology Assessment of Digital Systems

UK forces use video cameras extensively for remote monitoring and surveillance. With most current systems using analogue technology, we assisted our client, Ministry of Defence, assess the transition to digital…

Armour Integrity Monitoring System (AIMS™)

Body armour can be damaged during training or operations resulting in considerable reduction in its ability to provide impact protection. Damage to the ceramic plate often takes the form of hairline…