Case Studies

Sensor Monitoring of Manhole Infrastructures

In America’s biggest cities hundreds of service manholes catch fire or explode every year. To protect the people from these risks, our client wanted a system that could detect and transmit early warnings about sites before reaching critical state so preventative action could be taken.

Ambulatory ECG Monitoring

Our US-based client wanted to develop a battery powered ambulatory device to obtain electrocardiogram (ECG) information from an adult patient. Their vision was to monitor vital signs of ambulatory patients in real-time and then transmit this data via the wireless medical telemetry system frequencies used in hospitals upon arrival.

Electronics Manufacturing

Plextek works with large defence contractors on complex hardware programmes. Often delays in designing a single module will delay the whole programme. Challenging requirements means that the appropriate technical expertise is not widely available, making delays hard to recover.

Technology Assessment of Digital Systems

UK forces use video cameras extensively for remote monitoring and surveillance. With most current systems using analogue technology, we assisted our client, Ministry of Defence, assess the transition to digital…

MonitorMe Vital-Signs Monitoring Device and Telephone

With our client, Sanandco, we developed a telephone handset that is equipped with integrated sensors to capture vital signs, including temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. These vital signs are…

A Passive Radar Identification Tag for Unambiguous Object Localisation

Practical object and vehicle recognition in intelligent and autonomous transport systems remains a data-first problem. The more unique data that is captured and identified, the more…

Armour Integrity Monitoring System (AIMS™)

Body armour can be damaged during training or operations resulting in considerable reduction in its ability to provide impact protection. Damage to the ceramic plate often takes the form of hairline…