High-End Gaming Device

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High-End Gaming Device

The Challenge

Our customer had a bold idea – a high-end gaming device unlike anything else on the market. It had an ambitious specification and a visual design concept model. However in its current state the model had no functionality and Plextek was asked to design the electronics package. In order to meet their specification we would have to integrate a combination of cutting-edge technologies and market-first functionalities into a single device.

The Approach

We started by analysing the customer’s feature specification to understand engineering implications such as power consumption, antenna design, battery size, user interface and cost. Working closely with an industrial design partner we translated their vision for the concept incorporating these implications into a new design that was visually attractive but also intuitive and to use. The new integrated design impressed the customer so much that we proceeded to develop the industrial design, mechanics, electronics, software and support the manufacturing on their behalf.

During the development we integrated additional features requested by the customer, improving the camera, screen and processors to their new specifications. We arranged regulatory approval for electrical safety and emissions and carried out an audit on the proposed manufacturer in China. Our team designed the manufacturing test equipment and supported the factory to produce the first 1,000 units.

The Outcome

We were proud to have supported the customer through the entire product development, from the visual concept model through development of electronics, software, prototypes, troubleshooting, product approvals and even manufacturing until its successful market launch.

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