Innovation Design: New technology to transform luxury products

Innovation Design: New technology to transform luxury products

The Challenge

The technology inside consumer electronics often goes unnoticed by the end user. There is an expectation for products to be easily accessible, reliable and energy efficient.

Ignite Exponential has been helping a household brand to redefine their category through the implementation of a new technology that would drive a step-change in consumer experience.

Our customer wanted to understand how a given technology might revolutionise their existing product offering and the new areas where it could play and win with the technology.

The Approach

We first conducted fundamental scientific and technical research to explore how the existing technology might be used in this category for the first time. Using a combination of theoretical analysis and experimentation, we created a proof of concepts to test the technology.

Due to the complexity of the challenge, we needed to ‘pivot’ our entire technical approach at several stages to ensure it delivered on the customers’ vision and met the needs of their consumers.

This agile approach to collaboration was particularly important to our success.

The Outcome

We delivered a ‘works-like’ demonstrator representing an exciting new market opportunity for our customer and proving the possibility of the technology.

Ignite Exponential transformed this breakthrough technology opportunity into a clear proposition with known risks which the customer is now developing into a future product internally.

As well as improving performances and re-defining the category, the approach taken could have the potential to hugely reduce the overall power consumption of their products in the longer term.

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