Technology Assessment of Digital Systems

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Technology Assessment of Digital Systems

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The Brief

UK forces use video cameras extensively for remote monitoring and surveillance. Frequently, these video streams are carried over wireless links.

With most current systems using analogue technology, our client, Ministry of Defence, wanted to assess the performance improvements by moving to digital.

This required a technology assessment of existing digital system architectures to evaluate whether the potential benefits were there to build future sensor networks.

The Approach

Plextek performed an industry survey of technology developments and an assessment of key requirements from user representatives.

After shortlisting a set of approaches and testing a range of user panels, we developed a demonstrator system to showcase the best combination of technologies.

The Impact

Playing a leading role in preparing the technical requirements of our client’s procurement contract, we ensured the system design met the user requirements through radio performance testing, video quality assessment and system acceptance testing.

“I write to express my thanks on behalf of the Director and the User community for the contribution of the Plextek team to the success of the programme. Your support throughout the programme, often at short notice, has always been of a high standard.”

The system is now deployed within the DE&S Delivery Team and the user community.

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