Hands-free cars: A stepping stone to the future overblown by the media?

Laurence Weir, technology implementation lead at design and engineering consultancy Plextek, reacts to the recent media storm over hands-free cars ‘coming soon’. Read more in the Autonomous Vehicle International news article linked below.

The UK government has pledged to start the legal process of getting hands-free cars on motorways early next year. This is a development which follows similar announcements in many other countries. So, what are hands-free cars, and why is their implementation so important?

A stepping stone: hands-free doesn’t mean driverless First things first – hands-free cars are not driverless cars. While the car is in hands-free mode, the driver must stay in the driver’s seat, alert to the road, having to take over manual control at any time the onboard computer deems necessary.

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