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Steve Fitz

Director, Technology

Our Chief Tinkerer, Steve gained a first class honours degree in Electrical Engineering in 1983 before working for 10 years at GEC Marconi Research developing ground breaking communication system solutions, power electronics and high speed sampling techniques.

Since then, Steve has worked in both academic and industrial positions which has greatly broadened his outlook.

As Plextek’s Technology Director, Steve helps to steer the direction of the organisation with his unique and honest style. In his spare time, he is often found tinkering with cool tech in his shed.

Steve Fitz, Director, Technology
Shahzad, Business Development Lead

Shahzad Nadeem

Head of Smart Cities

Shahzad has the mix of technical and commercial expertise required to understand both the technology and use cases in our increasingly complex urban environments.  Working cross functionally with businesses, customers, technologies, marketing and suppliers, Shahzad delivers complex solutions in the mobile network and IoT space.

He started his career as telecoms engineer, grew as technical expert in 2G/3G/LTE networks, worked as technical lead across different domains and spent the last 10 years in presales / business development with international customers.

He specialises in wholesale, MVNE, MVNO, m2m and IoT platforms, products, services and solutions and loves chatting through innovative new ideas, so give him a call!

Nigel Whittle

Head of Medical & Healthcare

Nigel is our resident healthcare expert, having enjoyed a long career in the global life science sector, in a variety of R&D and managerial roles. He was recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biologists in recognition of a lifetime achievement in supporting and promoting the sector.

Nigel brings a wealth of experience to our company, from understanding cutting-edge science, through to the application of our technology to medical and healthcare devices. He would be delighted to discuss your challenges, as he understands the complexities of technology development, and can help you identify effective routes to bring innovative science to the market.

Nigel Whittle, Senior Consultant, Medical and Health
Freddy Saunders - Graduate Engineer

Freddy Saunders


The fabulous Freddy joined Plextek in November 2018. He has worked on a number of radar projects and has been heavily involved with various signal processing and machine learning applications.

Before joining Plextek, Freddy graduated from the University of Exeter with a first class honours degree in Physics with Honours in Physics with Professional Experience and attained the Exeter Physics Award. During his time at University, he undertook a one year placement at the Home Office Centre of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) working on microphone array development including; algorithms, signal processing, in-lab testing and verification of numerical simulation results.

When not working, Freddy loves climbing and can normally be found half way up a rock face!

Hilary Wentzell

Senior Project Manager

Highly organised Hilary successfully manages a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from fast turn-around feasibility studies for new sensor technologies to radar equipment design, manufacture and testing.

Prior to joining Plextek, Hilary was Chief Project Manager at TMD Technologies Ltd and brings a huge amount of technical knowledge to Plextek. She is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and a Chartered Engineer.

She was awarded a degree in Engineering, 1st Class B.Sc (Hons), in 1992 from the University of Durham and the CEGB Prize for Electrical Engineering.

Hilary Wentzell, Senior Project Manager
Laurence Weir, Biomedical Engineer

Laurence Weir

Biomedical Engineer

Laurence Weir joined Plextek in 2019 and has previously worked for PA Consulting, Illumina, Cambridge Mechatronics, Broadcom and DSTL.  He has an MEng from Cambridge University, graduating in 2006.

Since then, he has worked on a  wide variety of interdisciplinary projects in sectors ranging from Defence, Smartphone technology and Biotechnology.

Laurence has published a few thought-provoking blogs on this site, so check out our Insights page to read them!

Marcus Walden

Principal Consultant, Antennas and Propagation

Marcus Walden joined Plextek’s Radio Group in 1997, and since has worked on diverse design projects including high-performance systems and cost-effective volume products.

Marcus has designed high-gain directional antennas for mm-wave communications and radar applications and designed cost-effective antenna solutions for high-volume telemetry and consumer applications. Recent research work has led to the development of exciting new techniques for Plextek.

Marcus is one of the most Internationally respected antenna specialists. He has presented at international, peer-reviewed conferences and also acted as a technical reviewer for various engineering journals.

Marcus Walden, Principal Consultant

Simon Bates

Head of Project Management

Whilst heading up the Project Management team at Plextek, Simon also leads a number of projects across all of Plextek’s market areas.  Simon obtained a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Applied Physics in 1995, followed by a M.Sc. Microwave, Solid State Physics in 1996.

Simon began his career as an RF Design Engineer and later as a team leader and project manager with primary focus on cutting edge radio hardware.

With a proven track record of delivering successful product developments and advanced technology projects with multi-disciplinary/cross site teams, Simon keeps our customers’ demanding projects on time and to budget.

When he gets spare time, Simon is an active backstage member of his local Amateur Theatre Company, helping with sound & lighting design.

Simon Bates, Lead Consultant

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