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Our technological expertise can support your efforts in the construction industry to promote safety and efficiency.

Construction sites can be monitored using data collected by an array of sensors to prevent problems and allow businesses to concentrate on preventative measures, saving money and time. This increases efficiency and productivity on the job site.

This huge potential can be realised via a number of applications, including wearables. Workers are equipped with devices monitoring conditions and communicating the collected data via IoT equipment.

Valuable insights into the industry can be gained by collecting and analysing this data, leading to progress in perfomance levels, tool management, operating conditions and much more.

This collection of data is just the beginning. Contact us now to find out how to get Plextek creativity and ingenuity working for you.

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Plextek Makeathon 2021: How to Harness Ideas in a Day

We are so grateful to Makespace (Cambridge, UK) for letting us use their space for our 2021 Plextek Make-a-thon and for being so welcoming, with special thanks to Dr. Ward Hills.

Plextek Feature in Electronics Weekly on New Sensor Technology Which Tracks Sleep Patterns

Good quality sleep is linked to behavioural issues in young children. Laurence weir, Medical Technology Lead at Plextek features in electronics weekly on new sensor technology which tracks sleep patterns.

Artificial Intelligence in the Big and Scary Real World

There is no denying Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been (and still is) a world-changing technology. Josip Rozman, Machine Learning Developer discusses some of the main pros and cons of AI in the big and scary real world.

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