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We want to build justifiable technology for a sustainable future

From cleantech to agritech, we are passionate about creating solutions for our clients that enable our world to work more resourcefully. Can we make an urban environment more efficient or help to manage the land better? We can use our technology expertise in sensors, data and communications to enable your Eco Tech idea.

Plextek provides product design, software development, remote monitoring and wireless communication systems capabilities. When working with Plextek you get access to resources that can deliver tangible benefits for your organisation:
• Resolve your technical challenges
• Effective risk management
• Achieve rigorous product standards
• Deliver regulatory compliant programmes

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News and Blogs

Railway Revolution

If you view the railway network as still lodged in the Victorian era, you should think again. A revolution in rail travel is in progress.

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO on 5th November 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful

At a time when the media is particularly obsessed with gloomy speculation and bad news, it was great to hear not one but two good news stories for the UK engineering technology sector.

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO, 18th September 2019

Elegance and Sustainability

There is a grandfather clock in my house that is nearly 200 years old – it has been in the family for a long time. Its face is lined and the body is…

By: Steve Fitz, Chief Technology Officer on 5th September 2019

Can Small & Medium Enterprises Make a Big Environmental Impact?

Last year, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report showcased a new social, cultural and economic shift facing business leaders today.

By: Adam Roberts, Marketing Consultant on 8th August 2019

The use of Technology in Farming

The use of technology in farming is not a new subject, and over the years many have predicted that this technology or that gadget would revolutionise the industry, but that’s yet to happen.

By: Edson DaSilva, Project Engineer on 11th June 2019

How to Harvest Infinite Power!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if an electronic device could run forever, for free, on an unlimited supply of energy? No batteries to replace and no plug socket to be tethered to.

By: Henry Wadsworth, Project Engineer on 9th May 2019

Food for Thought: Food Industry Innovation 2019

Food Industry Innovation 2019 was both stimulating and thought provoking. Organised by Innovate UK, it was a mixture of presentations, audience polls, pitch sessions and exhibitions by start-ups…

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO on 4th April 2019

Future Mobility

Recently, I found myself on the Shell booth at the MOVE 2019 event in London. The event was all about the future of mobility, so there was an eclectic mix of talks and exhibits on car sharing…

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO on 13th March 2019

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