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Think science, think technology, think design, think engineering . . . . think people.

We have a long-standing partnership with innovators Design Momentum to offer extensive end-to-end experience and success in delivering life science projects. We understand your life science and laboratory automation sector and our unique blend of people centric design, technology innovation and production expertise will get you to market quickly and reliably with a sharp business and risk focus.

The COVID-19 crisis demonstrates only too well the pressing need for laboratory systems that can be rapidly up-scaled to research, test and produce products to meet the fast changing demands of human and environmental health.

We enable our clients to innovate and implement the next generation of products, systems and services. Together, we are designing the future.

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Plextek Makeathon 2021: How to Harness Ideas in a Day

We are so grateful to Makespace (Cambridge, UK) for letting us use their space for our 2021 Plextek Make-a-thon and for being so welcoming, with special thanks to Dr. Ward Hills.

Augmented Reality Assistant in Life Sciences

Laurence Weir, Medical Technology Lead looks at the use of augmented reality in life sciences and the different situations where it could help in medical environments.

Why Tracking a Child’s Sleep is Important for their Health (and Yours!)

Laurence Weir, Medical Technology Lead looks at how the quality of a child’s sleep can have a huge impact on their lives.

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