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Think science, think technology, think design, think engineering . . . . think people.

We have a long-standing partnership with innovators Design Momentum to offer extensive end-to-end experience and success in delivering life science projects. We understand your life science and laboratory automation sector and our unique blend of people centric design, technology innovation and production expertise will get you to market quickly and reliably with a sharp business and risk focus.

The COVID-19 crisis demonstrates only too well the pressing need for laboratory systems that can be rapidly up-scaled to research, test and produce products to meet the fast changing demands of human and environmental health.

We enable our clients to innovate and implement the next generation of products, systems and services. Together, we are designing the future.

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AI and the Law Part 1: How should it evolve?

By: Stephen Skipp Lead Consultant, Data Exploitation 13th May 2021 Artificial intelligence is set to play an increasingly important role in our lives. It will be used within products to aid their operation and within organisations to improve their efficiency and to make decisions about us. It is therefore important as developers to understand societies’ [...]

AI Gesture Control: What Applications Would You Choose to Control with the Force?

By: Josip Rozman Machine Learning Developer (KTP Associate) 30th April 2021 Smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT) have been big buzzwords recently and rightfully so. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened many possibilities in this industry but also resulted in ever growing privacy concerns. Camera-based sensors perform well for many applications, including [...]

The Physiological Challenges of Spaceflight

By: Rich Whittle Bioastronautics & Human Performance Lab at Texas A&M University 14th April 2021 The recent landing of the probe Perseverance on Mars, and the excitement generated by the high-resolution images currently being broadcast back to Earth, has inevitably started people thinking about human exploration of the Red Planet. However, the challenges faced by [...]

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