solutions for ensuring transport security.




The transport sector is currently experiencing a wide range of security challenges, particularly in the face of increased terrorist activity.

Our main role in countering such threats is to ensure continued leveraging of in-depth Plextek capability across radar, sensor and data exploitation areas, enabling you to take effective preventative measures and to protect against a variety of potential threats with solutions that provide rapid detection, tracking and alerting.


Plextek has a long and successful history of providing solutions for ensuring transport security.

We have developed unique radar products proven to operate effectively on wide ranging applications such as the detection of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on airport runways and drones entering restricted airspace etc.

In addition, we continue to take leading roles on a diversity of pioneering projects, such as materials identification for potential explosive threats and early stage technology development for screening people & baggage at airports and passenger counting & monitoring systems on trains etc.

Plextek also focuses on your needs for external and internal trespass detection (restricted areas) as well as person & vehicle movement tracking.



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