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Turning raw outputs into useful data streams using sensor physics and smart algorithms

With sensors embedded everywhere from consumer devices to city infrastructure, we can capture and translate your environment into meaningful information.

Whether you’re looking for a new sensor for a niche application or a wide area network made up of thousands of nodes, our scientists and engineers have decades of experience in providing customers with field-proven solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Big and Scary Real World

There is no denying Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been (and still is) a world-changing technology. Josip Rozman, Machine Learning Developer discusses some of the main pros and cons of AI in the big and scary real world.

Why is 5G Technology key for Smarter Cities?

As cities become bigger and more densely populated, technology is seen as the key to growing our urban landscape successfully.

By: Shahzad Nadeem, Head of Smart Cities on 19th June 2020

How to Harvest Infinite Power!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if an electronic device could run forever, for free, on an unlimited supply of energy? No batteries to replace and no plug socket to be tethered to.

By: Henry Wadsworth, Project Engineer on 9th May 2019


IoT for Smart Cities

The Internet of Things is the bedrock of smart, connected and secure cities. A network of sensing and communication technologies enables the collection  and analysis of data, making life easier and more efficient for everyone.

Smart Road and Transport Solutions

Plextek is heavily involved in smart road and transport solutions and have fulfilled critical needs for ensuring safety and operational proficiency within transport systems Globally.

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