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We are increasingly surrounded
by a world of sensors.

From connected shops to smart homes and even measuring ourselves through wearables and smart devices, leading consumer brands work with Plextek to leverage our 30-year experience in creating connected products, packages and devices.

Our team of designers, scientists, software engineers and hardware engineers have experience working either in-house or in partnership with dozens of leading consumer product, domestic appliance, CPG/FMCG and food and beverage brands in the USA and Europe.

We help brands to:

  • Translate their IoT/connected concepts into prototypes, MVPs and final products looking after electronic compliance, regulations, and volume manufacturing as required.
  • Resolve technical sensing, communication, and data management challenges including through advanced analytics (AI/ML).
  • Reduce device costs and build scalable IoT ecosystems.

To find out more about our teams’ experience, our past work with consumer brands, and how we can help you achieve your connected ambitions please set up a call with our team.

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Case Studies

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News and Blogs

ATLAS Telecom and Plextek Prepare Next-Generation UAE Coastal Protection Solution

ATLAS Telecom and Plextek today announced a strategic partnership on the next generation E-Passport programme to deliver a highly innovative marine tracker solution.

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