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We understand the key security market challenges and generate solutions through to delivery, giving you the confidence that a product is delivered to the assured level of security, performance, resilience and ergonomics that you need.

With product design and manufacture done under the strictest confidence, factory systems are often designed with security as the top priority. You need a partner who understands your security needs, but can deliver high quality innovative solutions.

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Government & Public Safety
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Hydrogen Powered Vehicles – Autobahn or Cul-de-Sac

Laurence Weir, Medical Technology Lead looks at the pros and cons of hydrogen cars and whether we can expect to see them on the road anytime soon.

AI and the Law Part 2: The Explainability of AI

In my previous blog, I summarised key points in the AI legislative landscape and indicated the importance of explainable AI to businesses, Government organisations and the public. But how do we go about making AI explainable?

AI and the Law Part 1: How should it evolve?

By: Stephen Skipp Lead Consultant, Data Exploitation 13th May 2021 Artificial intelligence is set to play an increasingly important role in our lives. It will be used within products to aid their operation and within organisations to improve their efficiency and to make decisions about us. It is therefore important as developers to understand societies’ [...]


Mission Critical IoT for Public Safety and Security

Plextek has employed effective IoT solutions to massively increase public safety and security, and we have been able to demonstrate how these are being used for more agile, dynamic and accountable PPDR.

Millimetre-Wave Radar for Runway Foreign Object Detection

Mobile and Fixed FOD Automatic Detection Systems for runway safety.

Millimetre-Wave Radar for Foreign Object Detection

The challenge, approach and outcome of developing radar for airport safety.

Maximising User Benefits with Critical Mobile Broadband Solutions

How Plextek can address the global public safety market’s need to be quicker, smarter and more efficient in keeping citizens safe in times of crisis.

Plextek in Airports

Examples of projects where Plextek has been pushing the boundaries of engineering.

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