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The Future of Energy Technology

Our work with sensors, smart metering and smart lighting has helped provide safety and monitoring solutions to our customers.

Some of the projects include:

  • Manhole systems development
  • RF noise testing
  • Addition of wireless control interface to thermostatic radiator valves
  • Power supply, data collection and electronics design support for underground pipes
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The Physiological Challenges of Spaceflight

By: Rich Whittle Bioastronautics & Human Performance Lab at Texas A&M University 14th April 2021 The recent landing of the probe Perseverance on Mars, and the excitement generated by the high-resolution images currently being broadcast back to Earth, has inevitably started people thinking about human exploration of the Red Planet. However, the challenges faced by [...]

Radar For Medical Imaging and Monitoring

ATLAS Telecom and Plextek today announced a strategic partnership on the next generation E-Passport programme to deliver a highly innovative marine tracker solution.

High Times for Cannabis Vaping?

By: Nigel Whittle Head of Medical & healthcare 1st April 2021 The recent news that the NHS is planning a clinical trial of cannabis oil in the UK will come as a relief to many patients suffering from chronic pain, who regularly use marijuana to alleviate their symptoms. Although research is ongoing, there is good [...]

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