Plextek has Dubai on their radar

This week Plextek showcased their mm-Wave Radar on the Government of Dubai stand at GITEX 2018. The other technology firms [...]

The Digital Age of Healthcare

Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare here at Plextek featured in 'Tomorrow's Care' magazine this week.  He discusses [...]

It’s time to embrace open innovation in UK Defence

Many sectors are already harnessing the power of open innovation, but the UK’s defence industry seems to lag behind. Plextek's [...]

Could the connected home be the heart health clinic of the future?

In the area of heart health, small behavioral changes can have a significant impact in the long-term. Data received from 24/7 monitoring [...]

Data driven defence

The defence industry is facing stagnating or tightening budgets in many of its traditional key markets while, at the same [...]

Breakthrough in radar technology for military environments

Advances in the radar technology used in unmanned aerial vehicles have been adopted for military purposes and are now bringing [...]

What’s the best way to work out a system architecture?

The emergence of the Internet of Things has also seen the emergence of a string of start-ups which have, in [...]

The future of training technology

The development of virtual and augmented reality technology has taken a surge forward recently with the release of hardware that [...]

Headphones Listen for Tinnitus Symptoms

Early diagnosis of tinnitus requires a visit to the audiologist, but a set of headphones paired with a smartphone app [...]

Data holds the answer to NHS dilemma

The pressures on the NHS show no sign of abating. After the threat of yet another winter crisis, with a [...]

MoD contracts Plextek, RFEL and 4Sight to deliver adaptive FPGA-based SoC imaging

The MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has contracted a team, led by Plextek Services including RFEL and 4Sight [...]

What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Integration of internet of things and big data analysis promises to transform urban life. The technologies behind smart cities can [...]

IDG Connect Interviews Collette Johnson

"Working in a consultancy such as Plextek is great for variety as each day is different and I can be [...]

Refocusing Plextek’s design capabilities and services

Nearly ten months into his role as CEO of electronics consultancy Plextek, Nicholas Hill has reorganised and refocused the company’s [...]

Repair and protect: damage detection for soldier safety

Plextek has created a detection system to immediately identify any damage to a soldier’s armour while still on the battlefield. [...]

Wearable technology and the IoT: transforming the healthcare landscape

The Internet of Things is flourishing, but will it help or hinder health professionals in keeping us fit and well? [...]

Is that fitness tracker you’re using a waste of money?

Does knowing how many calories we're burning, how fast our hearts are beating, and how many steps we've taken really [...]

How Virtual Reality will empower the future of NHS care

With the NHS facing large budget cuts of up to £1.1bn, there is an increasing need to create and implement [...]

IDG Connect Interviews Nicholas Hill

"I can only really remember being given one piece of career’s advice as such, which was that if you just [...]

Medical VR: What is happening right now?

Health and VR is one of my favourite areas to focus on. Beyond the consumer-facing elements of how it can [...]

Plextek device to train pilots and tank drivers could save MoD Millions

Cambridge tech design innovator, Plextek has helped devise a new training simulator for pilots and tank drivers that could save [...]

Is technology about to make soldiers obsolete?

For centuries, technology has played a key role in the military, from siege engines used by the Roman Army to [...]

As autonomous technology emerges, are the days of the soldier numbered?

A huge amount of pressure on the UK MoD to reduce costs has resulted in plans to cut the number [...]

Unmanned systems: disrupting the defence marketplace

Unmanned systems, whether aerial, land-based or marine, are taking the defence marketplace by storm, their remote technology allowing intelligence to [...]