Plextek announces partnership with Bell and Telefonica

Plextek has announced a strategic partnership with Bell Integration and Telefonica Group, parent company of O2 in the UK, to be a part of its IoT partner ecosystem and help bring the latest IoT solutions to market in an efficient and cost-effective way. Plextek has 30 years of experience in innovative research, design and development across areas from smart street lighting and telemetry for automobiles, to smart city infrastructure monitoring and radars for sensing and drone navigation.

The announcement reflects a shift for telecoms companies as they move from a purely connectivity-based business model into a partnership-based ecosystem to develop new connected technologies.  Bell Integration facilitates the formation of small consortia within Telefonica ecosystem to develop IoT-based solutions in line with Telefonica’s strategy. Bell Integration provides insights into the Telefonica roadmap, other partners, new trends, upcoming projects and interest groups, as well as help with supporting go-to-market strategies. Bell delivers an end-to-end capability, from procurement, asset management, logistics, deployment and customer support in a multi-vendor environment, encompassing all the required layers to provide a fully managed and supported solution.

“The MNO business model is fast changing from a connection only proposition to a value-add solutions-based proposition driven by the rise of IoT market,” said Shahzad Nadeem, head of smart cities at Plextek. “This means that companies are adopting faster go-to-market approaches by leveraging technical expertise outside their core domain. As part of the Telefonica IoT ecosystem, we will be able to benefit from their presence and influence in the market for joint business and technology solutions development.”

About Plextek

Plextek is an innovative electronic engineering consultancy with huge expertise in sensing, data collection and communications services. The company has extensive experience of developing highly complex and innovative products for a range of sectors, including medical & healthcare. In a world of rapid change, the company prides itself on its ability to solve the hardest engineering problems to deliver effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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