Plextek feature in Pharmafield on distribution and scaling up a Covid-19 vaccine

Dr. Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare & Stephen Guy, Principal Consultant for Design Momentum Ltd feature in Pharmafield news article on distribution and scaling up a Covid-19 vaccine.

“The development and distribution of a safe and effective vaccine is widely seen as the best resolution to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the most likely route back to normal life and economic conditions. There are estimated to be 300 vaccine candidates in development and dozens of clinical trials currently taking place, with some early front runners talking about vaccines becoming available in the next few months.

The UK government has already ordered 340 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from several different manufacturers, with the hope that at least one will prove effective. If all of them prove successful, this would be enough to provide a single dose of vaccine to more than five times the UK population – however, this scenario is unlikely.”

Read the full article here: Distribution and scaling up a Covid-19 vaccine

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