Drones for Mission-Critical Use

Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, features in Critical Communications Today this week. Drones have the potential to revolutionise public safety operations in areas such as fire and rescue. But there are regulatory and logistical barriers.

Plextek and CNIguard develop new IoT system to prevent manhole cover explosions and fires on city streets

Cambridge, UK – 16th September 2019 – UK engineering and design consultancy, Plextek has been working with US-based CNIguard to develop a new IoT-based system to prevent manhole explosions, primarily caused by bad weather and…

Health Tech in Sight for Soldiers

Soldiers on the battlefield are prone to all kinds of injuries. Some of the most common include musculoskeletal injuries, environmental injury and hearing damage. Now, the government is funding projects that could see soldiers utilise…

Harvesting energy for the Internet of Things

With the predictions of billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the idea of having to change all the batteries is a logistical, practical and financial nightmare.

Integrating wearable tech with remote health monitoring

We are all only too aware that early detection is absolutely key to improving the survival rates of serious illness and disease, never more so when it comes to cancer and other life-threatening conditions. But how can developments…

Delivering Effective IoT Safe City Solutions

The role of facilitating effective IoT safe city solutions is currently a hot topic. Plextek has been deploying numerous IoT sensor solutions over the years and in this article, Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business, assesses key…

Can The Internet Of Things Save The Planet?

"Only governments can fix the problem of global warming, right? The massive change in behaviour that we need across the [...]

Plextek launches new innovation business unit – Ignite Exponential

Cambridge, UK – 7th May 2019 – UK-based engineering and design consultancy, Plextek is launching a new innovation business unit called Ignite [...]

Plextek Group Celebrates Turning 30

Our parent company, Plextek Group, celebrates 30 years of creating the future in this feature with Cambridge Network. Group Chairman, Dr Colin Smithers comments […]

Radar Love: Radar Edge Analytics

More instrumentation means more information and the data deluge is putting a strain on traditional architecture, Damien Clarke for Plextek looks at how edge computing is solving this with processing coming to the sensors.

The Future of Automotive Sensor Technology

Ahead of our sponsorship of Cambridge Wireless’s International Conference 2019, Clem Robertson, Radar Capability Manager, features to discuss […]

World Hearing Day 3rd March 2019

WHO World Hearing Day is held on 3rd March every year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and [...]

Launch of a new UK Hearing Conservation Association

To coincide with World Hearing Day on the 3rd March 2019 – Plextek are pleased to announce we are Founder [...]

EW BrightSpark, James Henderson One Year On…

EW BrightSpark, James Henderson features in electronic weekly showing his progression over the past year of his career.

Plextek receives CIR Accreditation

Cambridge, UK – 10th January 2019 – Electronics and technology consultancy, Plextek joins a select list of private research organisations [...]

Technology Specialists for Safe Cities

Peter Doig, Head of Defence, features in “Engineering and Technology” magazine this week to comment on the use of autonomous unmanned aerial systems in the defence and security industry.

Drone Warfare: The Autonomous Debate

Peter Doig, Head of Defence, features in “Engineering and Technology” magazine this week to comment on the use of autonomous unmanned aerial systems in the defence and security industry.

Plextek and Wave Tech Partner to Revolutionise Airport Runway Safety

Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business features in ‘Counter Terror Business’ magazine this week. He discusses Plextek’s recent collaboration with RF signal technology company, Wave Tech on a foreign object debris detection radar that has…

Plextek has Dubai on their radar

Cambridge, UK – 18th October 2018 – This week Plextek showcased their mm-Wave Radar on the Government of Dubai stand at GITEX 2018. The other technology firms that were invited to join the stand were Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, Airbus and Nokia.

Plextek Raise Money for Community in Chariots of Fire

Cambridge, UK – 18th September 2018 – Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek have taken part in one of Cambridgeshire's largest annual charity [...]

Department for Transport Awards Plextek Funding for Smart Vehicle Tagging Solution

Cambridge, UK – 8th August 2018 – Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek have been awarded funding by the Department for Transport [...]

The Digital Age of Healthcare

Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare here at Plextek featured in 'Tomorrow's Care' magazine this week.  He discusses [...]

Successful trials of Plextek’s micro radar shows game-changing capability for UAS

Cambridge, UK – 21st June 2018 – Innovation consultancy, Plextek have achieved groundbreaking results after successful air trials of a [...]

Plextek Consultant, James Henderson awarded “BrightSparks, Design Engineers of Tomorrow” by Electronics Weekly

Cambridge, UK – 10th May 2018 – James Henderson, consultant at electronic design consultancy Plextek, has been named as a [...]

It’s time to embrace open innovation in UK Defence

Many sectors are already harnessing the power of open innovation, but the UK’s defence industry seems to lag behind. Plextek's [...]

Plextek joins TCCA to work towards standards-based approach to solution development

Cambridge, UK - 24th October 2017 - Design and innovation company, Plextek is pleased to announce that they are joining TCCA, the global [...]

Could the connected home be the heart health clinic of the future?

In the area of heart health, small behavioral changes can have a significant impact in the long-term. Data received from 24/7 monitoring [...]

Plextek’s micro radar system to enable autonomous resupply of emergency equipment on the front line by UAS

Cambridge, UK – 14th September 2017 – Innovation consultancy, Plextek have announced their development of a game changing technology that [...]

Data driven defence

The defence industry is facing stagnating or tightening budgets in many of its traditional key markets while, at the same [...]

Breakthrough in radar technology for military environments

Advances in the radar technology used in unmanned aerial vehicles have been adopted for military purposes and are now bringing [...]

Plextek presents at the 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

Plextek presents two technical papers to the world’s leading experts on Antennas and Propagation at the IEEE International Symposium in [...]

What’s the best way to work out a system architecture?

The emergence of the Internet of Things has also seen the emergence of a string of start-ups which have, in [...]

The future of training technology

The development of virtual and augmented reality technology has taken a surge forward recently with the release of hardware that [...]

Headphones Listen for Tinnitus Symptoms

Early diagnosis of tinnitus requires a visit to the audiologist, but a set of headphones paired with a smartphone app [...]

Data holds the answer to NHS dilemma

The pressures on the NHS show no sign of abating. After the threat of yet another winter crisis, with a [...]

MoD contracts Plextek, RFEL and 4Sight to deliver adaptive FPGA-based SoC imaging

The MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has contracted a team, led by Plextek Services including RFEL and 4Sight [...]

New innovation turns regular consumer headphones into tinnitus early warning system

• Device by Plextek proven to detect and alert consumers to the very early warning signs of tinnitus – a [...]

What if data privacy wasn’t an issue?

Integration of internet of things and big data analysis promises to transform urban life. The technologies behind smart cities can [...]

Plextek receives Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation from IASME

Cambridge, UK – 10th March 2017 – Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek have achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation from [...]

Plextek awarded “Employer of the Year Award 2017 for Engineering” by Cambridge Regional College Apprenticeship Scheme

Cambridge, UK – 23rd February 2017 –  Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek are to receive the “Employer of the Year Award 2017 [...]

IDG Connect Interviews Collette Johnson

"Working in a consultancy such as Plextek is great for variety as each day is different and I can be [...]

Refocusing Plextek’s design capabilities and services

Nearly ten months into his role as CEO of electronics consultancy Plextek, Nicholas Hill has reorganised and refocused the company’s [...]

Dstl contracts Plextek to lead £2m research programme to improve the range and reliability of military communication systems

Cambridge, UK - 1st February 2017 - Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek, in a competitive tender against a mix of [...]

Repair and protect: damage detection for soldier safety

Plextek has created a detection system to immediately identify any damage to a soldier’s armour while still on the battlefield. [...]

Wearable technology and the IoT: transforming the healthcare landscape

The Internet of Things is flourishing, but will it help or hinder health professionals in keeping us fit and well? [...]

Is that fitness tracker you’re using a waste of money?

Does knowing how many calories we're burning, how fast our hearts are beating, and how many steps we've taken really [...]

How Virtual Reality will empower the future of NHS care

With the NHS facing large budget cuts of up to £1.1bn, there is an increasing need to create and implement [...]

IDG Connect Interviews Nicholas Hill

"I can only really remember being given one piece of career’s advice as such, which was that if you just [...]

Medical VR: What is happening right now?

Health and VR is one of my favourite areas to focus on. Beyond the consumer-facing elements of how it can [...]

Plextek device to train pilots and tank drivers could save MoD Millions

Cambridge tech design innovator, Plextek has helped devise a new training simulator for pilots and tank drivers that could save [...]

Is technology about to make soldiers obsolete?

For centuries, technology has played a key role in the military, from siege engines used by the Roman Army to [...]

As autonomous technology emerges, are the days of the soldier numbered?

A huge amount of pressure on the UK MoD to reduce costs has resulted in plans to cut the number [...]

Plextek and CDE create immersive VR training solution for military and air force

Cambridge, UK - 24th November 2016 - Design and innovation consultancy, Plextek announces the successful completion of a proof of concept [...]

Unmanned systems: disrupting the defence marketplace

Unmanned systems, whether aerial, land-based or marine, are taking the defence marketplace by storm, their remote technology allowing intelligence to [...]

Nick Koiza joins Plextek

Cambridge, UK - 23rd November 2016 - Plextek are proud to announce the appointment of Nick Koiza as our new Head of [...]

Plextek launches Smart Sensors fourth market

Cambridge, UK - 9th November 2016 - Plextek are proud to announce that effective immediately, we’ll be providing our design, innovation [...]