What’s holding the 5G rollout back?

24th September 2020: Shahzad Nadeem, Head of Smart Cities, features in Raconteur news article on what’s holding the 5G rollout back.

The Tech Of Health: How Wearable Technology Is the Key To Long-Term Fitness

23rd September 2020: Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Health, features in Silicon UK Tech news article on how wearable technology is the key to long-term fitness.

Drones Rise to the COVID Challenge

22nd September 2020: Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, features in The Engineer news article on the rise of drones usage during COVID.

The effect of lockdown on mental health, and how VR can help

10th September 2020: Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Health, features in Med-Tech Innovation news article on The effect of lockdown on mental health, and how VR can help.

Plextek feature is Networking Plus on Delivering IoT Safe City Solutions

7th August 2020: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business, features in Networking Plus News article on delivering IoT safe city solutions.

Plextek Feature in ITIJ News Article on the Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies

4th August 2020: Plextek feature in International Travel & Insurance Journal news article on the benefits of remote patient monitoring technologies.

Nicholas Hill features in Electronics Weekly on supporting the next generation of engineers through the Covid-19 pandemic

31st July 2020: Nicholas Hill, CEO, features in Electronics Weekly news article on Supporting the next generation of engineers through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plextek and Design Momentum Enter into a Strategic Partnership

Cambridge, April 2020: Plextek Services Ltd and Design Momentum Ltd are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership to develop scientific instruments and laboratory equipment for life sciences.

How wearable technology could help fight Covid-19

3rd April 2020: Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Healthcare & Medical at technology consultancy Plextek explores how advances in health sensing and monitoring tech could help with remote care for those in self-isolation or vulnerable situations.

Plextek Group Sells Plextek RFI to CML

3rd March 2020: Plextek RFI was founded from within Plextek by Liam Devlin some twenty years ago and demerged into a separate limited company in 2015.

Plextek Joins ARM Mbed Partnership to Support IoT Innovation

8th January 2020: Innovation and design consultancy Plextek has been named an ARM Mbed Partner and joins the growing ecosystem of leading embedded and cloud companies, component manufacturers, system integrators and OEMs committed to driving innovation in IoT.

Plextek Feature in Cambridge Wireless News on How 5G Could Transform the Delivery of Healthcare

Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, features in Cambridge Wireless News article today on How 5G Could Transform the Delivery of Healthcare.

Plextek Wins Defence and Security Accelerator Contracts to Defend Against Hostile Drones

6 November 2019: Plextek-DTS (Defence Technology Solutions) has been awarded two contracts under the £2 million Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition to develop new capabilities to detect, disrupt, and defeat the hostile and malicious use of drones.

Drones for Mission-Critical Use

Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, features in Critical Communications Today this week. Drones have the potential to revolutionise public safety operations in areas such as fire and rescue. But there are regulatory and logistical barriers.

Plextek and CNIguard develop new IoT system to prevent manhole cover explosions and fires on city streets

Cambridge, UK – 16th September 2019 – UK engineering and design consultancy, Plextek has been working with US-based CNIguard to develop a new IoT-based system to prevent manhole explosions, primarily caused by bad weather and…

Health Tech in Sight for Soldiers

Soldiers on the battlefield are prone to all kinds of injuries. Some of the most common include musculoskeletal injuries, environmental injury and hearing damage. Now, the government is funding projects that could see soldiers utilise…

Harvesting energy for the Internet of Things

With the predictions of billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), the idea of having to change all the batteries is a logistical, practical and financial nightmare.

Integrating wearable tech with remote health monitoring

We are all only too aware that early detection is absolutely key to improving the survival rates of serious illness and disease, never more so when it comes to cancer and other life-threatening conditions. But how can developments…

Delivering Effective IoT Safe City Solutions

The role of facilitating effective IoT safe city solutions is currently a hot topic. Plextek has been deploying numerous IoT sensor solutions over the years and in this article, Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business, assesses key…

Can The Internet Of Things Save The Planet?

"Only governments can fix the problem of global warming, right? The massive change in behaviour that we need across the [...]