An Introduction to Yocto

An Introduction to Yocto

By Alan Levy, Lead Consultant, Embedded Systems

Who needs Yocto and what does it do for you?

To begin by teaching granny to suck eggs, in order to understand Yocto you need to understand what a Linux distribution (commonly known as a ‘distro’) is.

The first thing to realise is that unlike MS Windows or MacOS there is no owner and no canonical “version” of Linux but rather a sea of different, often competing, components (primarily but not exclusively applications) that can be glued together to create it.

You can do this for yourself but very few people have the expertise, the time or the motivation to do it. As a result, a number of organisations such as Ubuntu, Red Hat and Debian have emerged in order to provide pre-canned component collections, which are referred to as Linux distros.

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