Tinnitus Detection System

Tinnitus is becoming a growing problem that can affect us in any aspect of our lives.

Exposure to loud noise from music concerts, frequent loud noises from machinery in the workplace and other such environments are all part of our daily routine and are increasingly impacting the risk of tinnitus.

The diagnosis of tinnitus is generally addressed at the first appearance of symptoms which tends to be too late for effective treatment.

An innovative and game changing application in the study of tinnitus, our system enables the user to test their hearing daily and gain a ‘fingerprint’ of their response. From this response, users can look for very small changes in their profile that could suggest seeking clinical advice at the earliest point possible. This allows people to make instant lifestyle changes and implement hearing protection that may limit the severity of tinnitus onset.

We believe such a system will change the way in which we detect tinnitus due to alerting the user as early as possible leading to early indication with the potential to prevent tinnitus.

Sensing Auditory Evoked Potentials

Tinnitus Facts

By 2030, hearing loss will be in the Top 10 disease burdens for the UK, above cataracts and diabetes, according to the World Health Organisation.

(source: www.who.int)

Because of communication difficulties, people with hearing loss cost the NHS £76 million in extra GP visits and £60 million in increased use of social care, according to The Ear Foundation.

(source: www.earfoundation.org.uk)

It takes 10 years, on average, for people to address their hearing loss.

Most people have experienced short periods of tinnitus after being exposed to loud noises, such as after a music concert.

600,000 people in the UK, 1% of the population, experience severe tinnitus that affects their quality of life.

(source: www.nhs.uk)

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Tinnitus Stats

Tinnitus is known to be one of the most common health problems facing the UK today. 10% of the population have it all the time.

(source: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk)

1 in 10 UK adults have tinnitus. Recent data shows that this figure is increasing with 17% of all 40 – 69 year olds and 25-30% of over 70’s suffering from the condition.

(source: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk)

People with tinnitus go to their GPs for referral to specialist services, usually provided by audiology departments. However, GPs only refer, on average, 37% of their tinnitus patients.

(source: www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk)