Plextek and Wave Tech Partner to Revolutionise Airport Runway Safety

Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business features in ‘Counter Terror Business’ magazine this week. He discusses Plextek’s recent collaboration with RF signal technology company, Wave Tech on a foreign object debris detection radar that has the potential to save lives.

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Cambridge, UK – 18th October 2018 – This week Plextek showcased their mm-Wave Radar on the Government of Dubai stand at GITEX 2018.

The other technology firms that were invited to join the stand were Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions, Airbus and Nokia.

Our Project Engineer Edson DaSilva showed how this technology can be applied for detection of a range of objects, for example:

– people

– vehicles

– UAVs

– even objects as small as a nut and bolt.

Threats such as Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on runways can pose a serious risk to passenger safety meaning this technology is key consideration for organisations.

Edson DaSilva, Project Engineer said:

“Our mm-wave solutions operate in covert frequency bands making them extremely difficult to intercept and have been deployed for diverse security applications, for example, drone detection, sense and avoid, perimeter security, protection of critical national infrastructure, border control and airport protection, and also prevention of contraband drop off at prisons.”

Nick Koiza, Head of the Security Business at Plextek was delighted to have had the opportunity to support the Government of Dubai:

this technology demonstrates our low size, weight and power mm-wave solutions, an area where customers from across the globe have benefited from reliable detection of objects of varying size and speed, including fast moving, small aerial targets.”

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Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare here at Plextek featured in ‘Tomorrow’s Care’ magazine this week.  He discusses how different technologies are being adapted in many different aspects of care, and how this is reshaping the delivery of care.

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