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Our breadth of experience in antenna design, high-frequency electronics and digital signal processing means we are now world leaders in low size, weight and power (low-SWaP) RF communications, radar and sensing systems.

Innovation runs in the fabric of our company culture and our technical teams work with customers every day to ensure their projects are market leading.

This is why companies come to us to tackle their hardest engineering challenges that need outside-the-box thinking.

Configurable mm-Wave radar
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How do we give you advantage?

Our clients come from different backgrounds and industries with a wide range of development needs. We have the breadth of expertise and knowledge across the technology landscape to support your unique project and give you the competitive edge. See our Expertise page for the skills that can support you get to market smarter and quicker.

Technology Platforms

Leveraging our expertise in RF sensing, artificial intelligence and low size weight and power (low SWaP) electronics engineering, we present a range of options to benefit your research & development projects or direct integration into products.

  • Thales
    “We have built a good healthy relationship and a way of conducting business that worked well.”
  • Wavetech
    “Actually I think all Plextek engineers helped us a lot in so many ways. We would like to express our thanks to all engineers in Plextek.”
  • Thales
    “We have been impressed with the collaborative ethos and excellent work that Plextek have delivered on this technically demanding programme”
  • Project Manager, Future Radar at DSTL
    “Plextek have been extremely accommodating of a close working arrangement with Dstl and provided relevant training secondments for Dstl’s junior staff; this ‘one team’ ethos is a good example of how Dstl likes to work with its research suppliers.”
    Project Manager, Future Radar at DSTL
  • Senior Sub Contract Buyer at LEONARDO
    “Leonardo have been very pleased with the performance of Plextek under the SAGE programme and have seen numerous improvements implemented from SO1 to SO2”
    Senior Sub Contract Buyer at LEONARDO
  • Senior Principal Scientist, Comms and RF Technology at DSTL
    “Plextek’s unique investigation of directional mm-Wave tactical networking is exciting, addressing both spatial and spectral dimensions of reducing EW threat whilst increasing data bandwidth, using modified COTs technology”
    Senior Principal Scientist, Comms and RF Technology at DSTL
  • Project Manager, iFIT Health and Fitness
    “We’re absolutely delighted with what you’ve done for us, there are new insights we’d never have uncovered ourselves, ideas we can act on today and some breakthrough opportunities that we’ve never seen on products like this before.”
    Project Manager, iFIT Health and Fitness
  • Colin Shillito, Head of Business Development, IoT Automotive, BT Enterprise
    “I discovered Plextek in 2006 and have been consistently impressed by their market-leading technology and deep technical capabilities. The high level of expertise within the company means there is nothing they focus on that they can’t do well. They have a reputation for trustworthiness and being great to work with and due to this I have had no hesitation in recommending them many times over the years within my partner ecosystem.”
    Colin Shillito, Head of Business Development, IoT Automotive, BT Enterprise
  • Sr Director of R&D, CamelBak
    “Without doubt, the project goal was met and this is now one of the biggest opportunities we have as a brand.”
    Sr Director of R&D, CamelBak
  • Marketing Manager, AgSpace
    "This team should be your number one innovation partner. The work introduced completely new concepts from outside of our industry and resulted in six short-term actions and one which has already been implemented. The innovation process was tailored specifically to our business".
    Marketing Manager, AgSpace
  • CEO, Celsius Dynamics
    “The team quickly understood our concept and was able to proactively enhance the message and visualise the concept. They created a sleek and professional demonstration enabling viewers to experience our proposed user experience. The final product has been crucial in our further process of attracting both customers and capital. We view our relationship with Plextek as crucial to the further growth of our business, and we look forward to their continued input and as an integral cog in our own team."
    CEO, Celsius Dynamics
  • Head of R&D, Pentland Brands
    “This has been incredibly useful. I am filled with confidence knowing we have the best partners supporting us on our innovation process.”
    Head of R&D, Pentland Brands
  • NGP Innovation
    "We were very impressed with the thoroughness and articulation of the experimental results, challenges, issues for consideration and also potential technical solutions".
    NGP Innovation
  • "You guys did a good job yesterday at showing off the product and I am very excited for trials this month."
    MOD DE&S
  • IQ Endoscopes
    "You achieved the goal of developing a proof of concept device for which we are grateful. It has been a pleasure working with your team, and if opportunity presents itself, I would be happy to do so again".
    IQ Endoscopes
  • MOD, DE&S
    "The Plextek team worked incredibly hard to adapt to the issues ... I was impressed by the systems".
    MOD, DE&S
  • BAE Systems, Operations Ltd
    "We have developed an excellent working relationship [with Plextek] on this project".
    BAE Systems, Operations Ltd

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Based just south of Cambridge, Plextek provides unique solutions for our customers by solving today’s hardest engineering problems. Our customers span a broad range of markets including healthcare, industrial, defence, security, and transport.

Our work requires the smartest minds and we are always on the lookout for people who are as excited as we are to provide leading-edge technology that empowers customers.

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