How can we successfully innovate in connected products


Sustainable digital transformation for consumer products.

From connected shops to smart homes and even measuring ourselves through wearables and smart devices, leading consumer brands work with Plextek to leverage our 30-year experience in creating connected products, packages and devices.


Highly innovative medical devices and wearable technologies.

Medical product development projects have technical challenges that differ from one to the next. Solving these complex R&D challenges cannot be done by following an established route and innovative concept generation is a key to your success.

Antenna Design Services

Industrial & Utilities

Using intelligent technology to increase efficiencies.

Autonomous systems, predictive maintenance, robotics and machine learning are all technologies that can increase efficiencies and safety whilst reducing costs. Our expertise can help solve your sensing & automation challenges to increase your business’ effectiveness and growth potential.


Bespoke solutions for a safer world.

We understand the key critical communication challenges and generate solutions from conception through to delivery, giving you the confidence that your product meets and exceeds the assured level of security, performance, resilience and ergonomics that you demand.

Surveillance Radar for Comprehensive Threat Detection
Sensors for Automatic Passenger Counting

Mobility & Transport

Transportation IOT on land, sea and air.

The risks and safety concerns linked to our congested travel corridors, object recognition and intelligent autonomous systems, are just a few of the transport-related areas that we are involved in.


Sensor systems specialists.

Our heritage as a customer friend and design partner enables government agencies, defence suppliers and military stakeholders to have trust and confidence in Plextek to deliver leading-edge solutions within a stable framework.

Visual Camouflage

Satellites & Space

Optimising technology for space is our next Giant Leap.

With extensive engineering experience in harsh environments, Plextek can design and develop market leading bespoke technologies for you that are ready to deploy safely and securely in space.

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