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Industry 4.0 is expected to bring an average cost reduction of 3.6% per annum across process industries. Our expertise in technology & electronic engineering can help solve your sensing & automation challenges to increase your business’ effectiveness and growth potential.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Explore the Biological World

The area of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing, impacting many different medical sectors, and in this blog, Nigel explores an application that may dramatically change the development of novel therapeutics.

Plextek Makeathon 2021: How to Harness Ideas in a Day

We are so grateful to Makespace (Cambridge, UK) for letting us use their space for our 2021 Plextek Make-a-thon and for being so welcoming, with special thanks to Dr. Ward Hills.

Artificial Intelligence in the Big and Scary Real World

There is no denying Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been (and still is) a world-changing technology. Josip Rozman, Machine Learning Developer discusses some of the main pros and cons of AI in the big and scary real world.

Why is 5G Technology key for Smarter Cities?

As cities become bigger and more densely populated, technology is seen as the key to growing our urban landscape successfully.

By: Shahzad Nadeem, Head of Smart Cities on 19th June 2020

How to Harvest Infinite Power!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if an electronic device could run forever, for free, on an unlimited supply of energy? No batteries to replace and no plug socket to be tethered to.

By: Henry Wadsworth, Project Engineer on 9th May 2019

Food for Thought: Food Industry Innovation 2019

Food Industry Innovation 2019 was both stimulating and thought provoking. Organised by Innovate UK, it was a mixture of presentations, audience polls, pitch sessions and exhibitions by start-ups…

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO on 4th April 2019

Is the Technology Industry Doing Enough for Humanity?

By: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business on 10th July 2018
This Thursday, I am co-chairing the Cambridge Wireless event: “Drones: The Good…

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