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Autonomous systems, predictive maintenance, robotics and machine learning are all technologies that can increase efficiencies and safety whilst reducing costs. Our expertise can help solve your sensing & automation challenges to increase your business’ effectiveness and growth potential.

We have the breadth of expertise and knowledge across the technology landscape to support your unique project and give you the competitive edge.

Antenna Design Services
Configurable IoT Framework

How we can help

We support organisations to bring highly technical products and services to market. Our breadth of experience in antenna design, high-frequency electronics and digital signal processing means we are now world leaders in low size, weight and power (low-SWaP) RF communications, radar and sensing systems.  Our technical and commercial teams are working with customers every day to ensure their projects are market leading.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Plextek has developed innovative infrastructure monitoring technology to detect and pre-empt issues within an industrial or wider city infrastructure.

Antenna Design Services

Our antenna team can apply their specialism to your problem or challenge, so you get the benefit of creative problem solvers with exceptional technical ability.

Cost Effective mm-Wave Radar Devices

Plextek has dominated the mm-Wave technology market from addressing challenges in autonomous vehicles, to object detection and security systems.

AI and Machine Learning in the Real World

AI and Machine Learning in the Real World

Machine learning techniques allow us to devise state-of-the-art smart products that use computation to improve their performance and utility over time rather than being fixed at the time of manufacture.


Accelerated concept development through design to volume manufacture

Plextek - A Full Turnkey Service

Plextek: A full turnkey service

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