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Can Radar Be Used for Medical Imaging & Monitoring?

Medical imaging is one of the most important technologies available to doctors and other medical workers, providing critical information for diagnosis and treatment.

By: Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare on 10th November 2020

Transportation IOT: Keeping our roads safe

As we all start moving around our transport systems again, I am reminded almost daily by the risks and safety concerns linked to our congested road systems.

By: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business on 20th October 2020

Plextek feature is Networking Plus on Delivering IoT Safe City Solutions

7th August 2020: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business, features in Networking Plus News article on delivering IoT safe city solutions.

How Do We Keep Our Cities Safe in Times of Crisis?

It is no surprise that in times of crisis there is an increase in crime. We are already seeing higher levels of criminality during the Covid19 pandemic, from high tech cyber-crime, down to basic fly tipping.

By: Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business on 17th July 2020

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