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Delivering Transportation IOT solutions

The transportation industry is a huge investor in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), spending approximately $78 billion from 2016-2018 with investment increasing.

The risks and safety concerns linked to our congested road systems and vehicle recognition in intelligent and autonomous transport systems, are just a few of the transport-related areas that we are involved in.

Tyre pressure monitoring, vehicle asset management and Cranfield University’s autonomous HumanDrive are all exciting developments that we are working on.

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Transportation IOT: Keeping our roads safe

As we all start moving around our transport systems again, I am reminded almost daily by the risks and safety concerns linked to our congested road systems. I have a vision that the public should be able to travel easily without worrying about safety on the roads. Aside from education, vehicle servicing, and standard infrastructure [...]

Future Mobility

Recently, I found myself on the Shell booth at the MOVE 2019 event in London. The event was all about the future of mobility, so there was an eclectic mix of talks and exhibits on car sharing…

By: Nicholas Hill, CEO on 13th March 2019

Distance Finding in Mobile Autonomous Systems

A key component in the development of mobile autonomous systems is the ability to produce a 3D map of the local environment which can be used for route planning and collision

By: Damien Clarke, Lead Consultant, on 7th November 2018

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