Transport Security

How do you attempt to detect threat items that are concealed in vehicles crossing the secure perimeter of your site?

We have researched and developed a handheld device that could help speed up the manual search that currently relies on a visual inspection.

We combine our extensive radar expertise, with our knowledge of the Security industry to provide solutions that work for our clients.

Handheld Scanning of Concealed Areas
Border force security

Border force Security

Can you screen incoming packages quickly before they need to be released? We investigated the use of mm-wave sensors to discriminate different types of materials (e.g. metal, plastic, explosives, etc) while also forming an image.

The advantage of this approach is that unlike optical material discrimination technologies, this can see through packaging. This is an example of reapplying our technology and innovation expertise to support an industry requirement.

Airport Scanning

Using our previous experience of mm-Wave technology, we created a means to discriminate an innocuous object in someone’s pocket (e.g. a book) from a concealed threat object (e.g. a block of explosives). The aim of this was to help improve airport full-body scanners which currently only produce images.

The ability to discriminate, linked to our clients’ bespoke systems for implementation could make technology a powerful ally.

Airport Scanning
Automatic Passenger Counting

Automatic Passenger Counting

In order to highlight and target passenger safety and security on public transport, we have developed non-camera, sensor-based technology, which is highly accurate, compact and unobtrusive and can be positioned in the doorway of buses, trains and trams.

The sensor needed to provide a resolution to identify multiple and simultaneous passenger movements, as well as present the client with a low material and manufacturing cost per unit. In a post-pandemic world, this technology can also be deployed to assist with keeping safe maximum passenger numbers on board transport.

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