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Safe Cities: Advanced sensors and IoT infrastructure

With the growth of cities around the globe and the corresponding rise in life threatening crime, Governments have an increased responsibility to ensure the safety of their citizens, organisations and infrastructure.

This also places greater emphasis on IoT eco-systems required to support civilisation, particularly as cities become more connected.

At Plextek we have been developing solutions to combat threats with advanced sensors and IoT infrastructure. We are setting the foundations for a more secure future, by enabling cities to adopt great technology and ensure their habitants are in a position to act.

Our numerous IoT-based safe city solutions have enabled our customers to effectively combat wide-ranging threats. For example, Plextek developed a leading edge smart street lighting system for increasing public safety which is now widely deployed and has helped to reduce crime and improve driving conditions.

Advanced sensors and IoT infrastructure
Location Tracking

Location Tracking

The safe guarding of your people, vehicle and other assets is greatly assisted with accurate positioning and tracking solutions.

When combined with other sensor generated information contributing further to your situational awareness, a complete intelligence picture can be gained to aid your decision making and enhance your organisation’s operational efficiency.

Our expertise in successfully developing the most complex of location and tracking products also encapsulates low size, weight and power devices in the most demanding of environments and at the lowest possible unit cost. You will also benefit from highly reliable and accurate solutions, even under the least optimal conditions, e.g., within noisy and scattered environments. Additionally, in GPS-denied environments, e.g., through Personal Dead Reckoning (PDR) navigation solutions monitoring security personnel and emergency responders inside buildings.

Critical Communications

Our design and supply of narrowband PMR and broadband LTE devices helps Governments and Public Safety users complement or replace technologies like TETRA with broadband LTE for mission critical communications.

From an end-to-end perspective, these developments will benefit your field users and control room operators by increasing safety and security whilst also being more efficient and lowering costs.

The installation of mobile broadband networks is facilitating high-throughput applications for the first time in the history of the critical communications market. Plextek is proud to be actively engaged in next generation communications endeavors from the perspective of serving our customers with network, device and application related solutions.

Critical Communications


Our experience of developing wearables technologies has enabled us to fully appreciate the extreme stress levels under which your officers carry out their duties during moments of terror, when it is vital to provide rapid support to such officers in the field.

Plextek has successfully resolved a variety of related problems by providing end-to-end solutions for behavioral and vital sign monitoring that leverage our strong expertise across sensors, communications and data exploitation.

Automated triggering by sensor-activated devices has allowed our customers to benefit enormously from spontaneous notification under highly pressured, and in some cases life threatening, situations resulting in greatly increased public safety.

Related to the achievement of our security market vision for enabling the connected police officer, our wearable solutions allow you to monitor heart rates and anxiety levels, as well as provide immediate alerts as your officer(s) removes his or her gun from its holster or reaches for the Taser etc.

Unmanned Systems & Automation

A rapidly developing unmanned systems market has been reaping the benefits of Plextek’s heritage in sensor development, leading to successful resolution of a number of key security threats.

Specifically, we have been actively deploying a range of sensors on UAVs for detection and surveillance purposes, in addition to artificial intelligence solutions that enable our customers to effectively conduct autonomous security operations.

Plextek also responds to the threat posed by UAVs themselves with successful customer fulfillment of specialized sensors for rapid UAV detection.

Most notably, our Counter UAV solutions cover a diversity of drones (independent of size, speed and type) and have been proven for multiple drone detection, successfully mitigating risks arising from UAV swarms.

Unmanned Systems & Automation

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