Critical National Infrastructure

Plextek addresses the needs of customers wishing to safeguard CNI and high risk buildings against a variety of security threats.

The protection of your security sites & high value infrastructure – physical installations such as prisons, power stations, utilities, oil refineries, hotels, palaces, electricity networks – represents Plextek’s primary mission.

A key focus is on countering UAVs and protecting against other forms of illegal and restricted area trespass, including solutions for rapid alerting and tracking in the case of unauthorised person and vehicle movements.

Typical solutions for effectively resolving threats of the above nature include specialised radar product development coupled with integration of pan tilt and zoom cameras. You also benefit from complete solutions that include user friendly Human Machine Interface(s) for effective command & control as well as a variety of sensors, e.g., radar, thermal & visual cameras etc.

Unmanned Systems & Automation

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