We recognise that concept generation is key to our clients’ success. Our multidisciplinary team works across a number of markets, offering clients a considerable depth and range of real world design experience. Our expertise ranges from wireless communications technology, through software and hardware, product design and mechanical engineering.

Offering strategic insight using technology road mapping and user-analysis, we specialise in taking products from concept phase, through design and manufacture and into the market. Working with major global organisations through to ambitious start-ups, we place an emphasis on innovation, strategy and product longevity.

Our client portfolio includes some of the world’s most successful small businesses and our strong track record is demonstrated by the success of every project we have undertaken.

Our core areas of knowledge:

Product Development: Non-invasive respiratory monitoring devices. OTC fertility diagnostic devices. Sensor based physiotherapy devices. Remote ECG monitoring systems for post-surgery patients.

Proof of Concept Delivery: Virtual reality training systems for post-surgery patients. Touchless user interfaces for patients with dexterity issues.

Technology Road Mapping: Product pipelines for sensor-led medical technology. Strategic planning for start-up companies to help prioritise their product development needs to ensure timely entry into the market.

Concept Development: Market analysis and development of vital signs telehealth systems.

Featured Project

Detecting tinnitus in COTS technology

Headphones Listen for Tinnitus Symptoms

Development of a home use tinnitus detection system using COTS headphones

Our engineers have developed an innovative and game changing application in the study of tinnitus, our system enables the user to test their hearing daily and gain a ‘fingerprint’ of their response. From this response, users can look for very small changes in their profile that could suggest seeking clinical advice at the earliest point possible. This allows people to make instant lifestyle changes and implement hearing protection that may limit the severity of tinnitus onset.

We believe such a system will change the way in which we detect tinnitus due to alerting the user as early as possible leading to early indication with the potential to prevent tinnitus.


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