Plextek has developed market leading software solutions for a variety of industries including infrastructure monitoring, telematics, healthcare, IoT and smart lighting.

Our experts have decades of experience in creating state of the art software solutions that have been tested in the market over many years.

Key Skills

  • Dedicated Private Servers
  • Cloud Services (Microsoft Azure, AWS)
  • Databases (Relational / NoSQL / Cloud / On Premise)
  • Application Engines
  • Intelligent Data Processing
  • Sate Machines, protocols, device management
  • Proven over the air firmware update procedures
  • Hybrid application covering multiple platforms (IOS + Android)
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualisation
  • Scalability using Containers and its orchestration using Dockers / Kubernetes / Apache Mesos

David Kyle

Principal Consultant, Data Exploitation

“Over the last decade, the components and systems that the world builds its technology on seem to have become far more complicated and interwoven than they ever used to be. In many ways this is a good thing, and that’s because we can create interconnected solutions with a scalability and functionality we could only have dreamed about a decade ago. This has brought so many fantastic opportunities, but equally there is also many more opportunities to get the fundamentals wrong leading to late delivery of an overly complicated system that never really lives up to user expectations. But at Plextek we’ve got experts in every domain, from PCB layout to web site CSS, so we pride ourselves on being able to cut through the complexity to get to the best solution for not just functionality, but also cost and maintainability.”

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