Technical Services

We deliver rapid developments at a competitive cost and in a timely manner. Services range from mechanical prototyping, to assembly and technical re-work, requiring precision placement of the smallest of modern components.

Key Skills

Rapid Assembly

Due to our extensive network and supplier relationships we are able to source components at short notice to meet our clients’ needs. We source parts from ISO9001 and ISO13485 approved suppliers, offering full certification and traceability.

We offer hand assembly of PCBs, with the capability to accurately place surface mount components as small as 0201. Completed PCBs are typically assembled into custom enclosures, enabling us to deliver a complete functional prototype to our clients in the shortest practical time. Our highly experienced team takes a real pride in the personal ownership of all tasks, ensuring delivery of high-quality product, whilst meeting required deadlines and cost.


We cover all types of prototyping, offering a flexible working relationship with our clients. Our engineering team is able to realise a wide range of custom products. By applying modern materials and techniques for small production runs, we can offer our clients a quick route to an initial ‘finished product’, often allowing the opportunity for a final production design to be optimised for high-volume manufacturing.


We have the ability to fabricate and assemble custom parts in most common materials in-house, and can undertake all types of wiring from 3-phase mains to miniature semi-rigid coax, and from commercial to military. We can also specify and design sub-assembly parts and test jigs for the custom parts that we produce.

Mark O’Dell

Principal Technician, Manufacturing

“What I love about Plextek is that I play a part in creating a product or a service that can make a difference to someone’s life. Whether it’s a medical device or something to keep our armed forces safe, our technology can make a difference. Having 30 years’ electronics experience in producing control equipment for fire protection, medical, and aerospace, Plextek was an easy move for me, allowing me to be there at the start – seeing a product develop and grow.”

Mark ODell headshot


  • Spectrum analysers (to 110 GHz), including Rohde and Schwarz FSW
  • Vector network analysers (to 50 GHz)
  • Signal generators (to 110 GHz)
  • High-speed digitising oscilloscopes
  • Test sets for wireless standards (e.g. Bluetooth, GPS)
  • EMC test facility, facilitating pre-compliance measurements
  • Five environmental chambers

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