Delivering Transportation IOT solutions

The risks and safety concerns linked to our congested travel corridors, object recognition and intelligent autonomous systems, are just a few of the transport-related areas that we are involved in.

Within road, sea and air, we have worked on exciting developments like surveillance & monitoring, asset management and autonomous systems. Our speciality is helping you to solve the really difficult engineering challenge through bespoke solutions that can cope with harsh environments and complex external factors.



Marine Technologies

Plextek is the development partner of choice for 300+ major global organisations, government bodies, and ambitious companies.

Exceptional technology to positive impact your marine operations

Plextek are Technology Specialists to support your marine development needs.

Smart Road and Transport Solutions

Plextek is heavily involved in smart road and transport solutions and have fulfilled critical needs for ensuring safety and operational proficiency within transport systems Globally.

Plextek in Airports

Examples of projects where Plextek has been pushing the boundaries of engineering.

Millimetre-Wave Radar for Runway Foreign Object Detection

Mobile and Fixed FOD Automatic Detection Systems for runway safety.

IoT for Smart Cities

The Internet of Things is the bedrock of smart, connected and secure cities. A network of sensing and communication technologies enables the collection  and analysis of data, making life easier and more efficient for everyone.

Connected Autonomous Mobility

The transportation industry is experiencing extreme change, with an accelerated use of technology to achieve infrastructure, passenger and pedestrian efficiency. We have successfully delivered solutions to a wide spectrum of requirements.

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Get in touch

Let us know what’s on your mind and someone will reply as soon as possible.