We apply our unique knowledge to key security problems, generating ideas and solutions and following through to delivery. By innovating throughout the concept-to-market process, our security solutions give clients important new capabilities and deliver vital industry insight. We believe that working closely with our clients is the best way to deliver successful, innovative solutions, on time, built to the highest quality.

We exercise strict confidentiality during the design and manufacture of clients’ products, often designing factory systems to ensure a product is delivered with an assured level of security.

As a result of our work, we have earned government awards via the Small Business Research Initiative. We have also been recognised as key industry innovators by the Centre of Defence Enterprise and are qualified members of several UK government frameworks.

Our core knowledge and application areas:

Electronic Design: Development of sensors, wireless engineering, miniaturisation and power consumption.

Wireless Protocols: Design and development of wireless IoT devices, as well as information and signal processing.

Consumer Technology: Volume manufacture of electronic products and embedded software.

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Millimetre-Wave Radar for Foreign Object Detection

Wireless Technology Design

Data Analytics

Cross Market Innovation