At Plextek, our technology experts are some of the best in the industry. Consisting of an eclectic mix of creative and methodical minds, our teams are most at ease working on the front line of projects and at the cutting edge of technology.

We balance innovation and complex problem solving with an acute attention to detail in order to deliver products right to our customers, and facilitate introduction to manufacture and market.

Our broad ecosystem allows us to tackle a vast range of projects ranging from short, highly focussed technology sprints to building complex systems from concept through to completion.

Our core areas of expertise:

Embedded Solutions: Hardware, software and firmware design.

Sensor Systems: Novel measurement front ends to fusion of data sources.

Radio Frequency Systems: Development of wireless data transmission, radar techniques, millimetric circuit design and antenna systems.

Signal Processing: Algorithm development, and GPU and FPGA acceleration.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Communication Systems

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Embedded Systems

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Signal Processing

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Data Exploitation

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Antennas & Propagation

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Product Design

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Sensor Systems

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