Early Careers

Why come to Plextek?

Would you like to work on novel healthcare solutions, smart city technology, advanced robotic systems or sensors for autonomous drones? What about cutting-edge radio networks or airfield radar? One of the great advantages of working here is that no two projects are the same. If you are an enthusiastic, adaptable and motivated person who thrives on variety, enjoys learning new skills and facing exciting challenges then this is the place to be.

Plextek lab
Kieran Bhuiyan

"Plextek is a consultancy and as such it receives a wide range of projects in different areas from various clients. Getting experience in many areas and then specialising was better than specialising early on. As a starting career it creates a solid set of skills."

- Kieran Bhuiyan, Project Engineer

What to expect when you join?

We are a friendly, hard working workforce who will support you through your early career with mentoring and exciting projects. We’ll introduce you to a broad range of commercial activities, give you your own workspace and all of the equipment you need to ensure you have the best start to your career. Our office is open plan, with a laboratory in the building.

Ivan Saunders, Plextek

“Working at Plextek has been a fantastic opportunity for me to gain experience working in a variety of sectors. Every project is different, which means I am constantly learning new skills – as well as being kept on my toes! Luckily, everyone at Plextek is very friendly and willing to lend a had when you need one.”

- Ivan Saunders, Graduate Engineer

Graduate Engineers

Our graduate engineers are exposed to a wide variety of projects and experiences. If you are an enthusiastic, adaptable and motivated person who thrives on variety, enjoys learning new skills and facing exciting challenges then this is the place to be.
Graduate Engineers are given a personal development plan targeted to your individual needs. It includes both on and off the job training activities that are designed to provide a range of relevant skills and knowledge while developing your practical experience. A mentor, who helps you develop your technical skills whilst providing general advice and guidance, is also assigned to you. We have monthly staff socials and you’ll be part of an amazing group of minds, all making a difference to our technology-driven world.

Daniel Tomlinson, Plextek

“Having joined Plextek as a graduate in 2017, I was originally attracted to the company due to their extensive work on RF and microwave based systems. With now over four years of experience, I’ve had the chance to work on a variety of projects, as well as access to a mentor scheme and a yearly training budget to attend continuing professional development (CPD) courses, of my choice.

Additionally, not only have I worked on several projects involving RF but Plextek has also helped me to pursue my other interests in embedded software engineering, which is something I only discovered a passion for recently. I now regularly get involved with projects that require either or both skillsets, which benefits both me and the company.”

- Daniel Tomlinson, Consultant

Job Specification

We are looking for technology graduates with skills in electronics and software to join the team. We will provide you with the training and experience to develop your technical skills.

Summer Students

We treat our summer students exactly the same as we treat our regular employees. We’ll assign a line manager, mentor your progress and introduce you to a broad range of commercial activities. We offer a stimulating environment that will challenge you to be your best. We provide full training and we can help you find accommodation.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and contribute to some active projects. You will build on your university education and apply your knowledge to real world problems. Recent summer students have developed a wearable device to locate emergency response crews when GPS in unavailable and an innovative portable metal detector to identify threats in airports and prisons.

We always make sure our summer students are able to take part in the annual Plextek Make-a-thon before they leave.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in one of the positions seen here, or the position you’re looking for isn’t listed, we would love to hear from you.