Test System for 5g Broadband

Test System for 5g Broadband

The Challenge

We worked with a broadband company that is developing an ecosystem of products designed to simplify and improve our connected lives. At the centre of this is a proprietary 5G mmWave technology that offers customers high-speed broadband access, the vital ‘last mile’ delivery stage for any broadband provider. Testing this technology at mm-Wave frequencies in mass production takes fresh thinking. Connected ports are not desirable for multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) devices at mmWave frequencies, so a radiated test setup is required. This is the conventional way for laboratory testing, but when you have a mass-produced product, creating a high volume, automated test setup is no mean feat.

The Approach

Plextek built a series of custom anechoic chambers and an automated over the air test system that could confirm correct operation of our customer’s proprietary 5G protocol.

We worked closely with our client’s technical team, adapting the test station as the product evolved during NPI (New Product Introduction). All systems were built in the UK and deployed to sites in the US.

The Outcome

Plextek helped our customer to commission and manufacture a comprehensive test system to support the mass testing of their multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) devices, which operate at mmWave frequencies. This was done using a radiated test setup. Plextek’s test chambers were deployed on-time to meet an aggressive production schedule allowing full over the air test coverage of an NPI product. Our customer subsequently adopted a similar system for their regression testing, as part of a continuous development pipeline process.

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