Beamforming, mm-Wave, mesh applications, Massive MIMO and cellular design protocols are some of the core 5G technologies that can enhance your project.

Plextek consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in these technologies that we can apply to your project. Our team can develop specialised solutions that cater for 5G standards so that your product can benefit from the 5G ecosystem right from the start.

Key Skills

Technical Skills
  • Beam forming / steering
  • mm-Wave
  • Mesh applications
  • Cellular design protocols
  • Integrated custom systems
Project Skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering team
  • Quality standard framework
  • Unique market-leading solutions in highly demanding sectors
  • Support from concept design and technical innovation through to manufacture

Thomas Rouse

Lead Consultant

“There are lots of new challenges and concepts associated with 5G compared to previous cellular systems. I’ve been working with technologies such as mm-Wave, directional multi-beam antennas, mesh networks and narrowband IoT at Plextek for many years undertaking development and research for some of the various and diverse communications systems we have implemented.

I hope perceived limitations and the potentially confusing number of permutations do not prevent their exploitation in 5G for applications such as edge and D2D. I’ve found that when designed using an integrated philosophy they can work together to offer benefits in power consumption, resource re-use and diversity which provide a serious competitive advantage and performance improvement.”

Tom Rouse, Lead Consultant

5G Technology for High-Speed Broadband

5G chamber cutaway

We worked with a broadband company that is developing an ecosystem of products designed to simplify and improve our connected lives. At the centre of this is a proprietary 5G mmWave technology that offers customers high-speed broadband access, the vital ‘last mile’ delivery stage for any broadband provider. Testing this technology at mm-Wave frequencies in mass production takes fresh thinking. Connected ports are not desirable for multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) devices at mmWave frequencies, so a radiated test setup is required. This is the conventional way for laboratory testing, but when you have a mass-produced product, creating a high volume, automated test setup is no mean feat.

Downloads and White Papers

5MHz Propagation Predictions

Comparison of propagation predictions and measurements
for midlatitude HF near-vertical incidence sky wave
links at 5 MHz

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