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Either as a prelude to product development or as a stand-alone activity, Plextek will help you identify and evaluate opportunities resulting from new markets and technologies.

We address a wide range of applications and market sectors within electronics, including automotive, consumer, defence, industrial, medical, security, telecoms, transport and utilities.

A few of the skills we employ

  • Technology & product strategy and roadmapping
  • Technology overviews and familiarisation reports
  • Business case development and risk analysis
  • Market research and analysis to devise market entry strategies
  • Competitive product assessment, both by desk research and laboratory & field tests
  • Technical audit and product assessment

Technical Due Diligence

When investing in a company it is vital that all the risks are exposed. Technical due diligence often begins when an investor is just beginning to consider an investment proposal. At this stage the task is often a sanity check by a Plextek expert who tests whether the underlying technical proposition is sound. If the investment progresses towards a term sheet, we carry out more detailed, formal due diligence.

Strategic Consulting Examples

A venture capital investor engaged Plextek to determine whether a company’s novel radio architecture had sufficient advantages over competing solutions to warrant funding the company.

A major semiconductor vendor asked Plextek to conduct technical due diligence on a company with a leading position in mobile radio components prior to acquiring the company.

An expert was required for a complex patent litigation case. Plextek was able to provide a suitable expert to appear in the High Court.

The Group Board of a FTSE 100 company asked Plextek to audit the technical skills and IP of its aerospace division to determine which were best-in-class and potentially exploitable in different market sectors.

Steve Fitz

Director, Technology

“The essence of strategy is often about identifying the avenues you don’t explore, the technologies you don’t choose to exploit and the risks you don’t take as much as it is about anything else. We’re old hands at spotting these pitfalls ahead of time. Whether it is a project, a technology roadmap, a product strategy or a technical audit, we can fully support you when launching your product into the market with technical and strategic expertise.“

Steve Fitz, Director, Technology

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