Strategic Innovation

Ignite Exponential (IEX) is our innovation unit. We help companies with sustained growth in uncertain times through strategic innovation, marketing, technology and design.

We engage in the detail of your strategic challenges and work with you to create innovation success.

Ignite Exponential

Ignite Exponential (IEX) partners with established companies to understand their strategic challenges and explore disruptive growth opportunities through collaborative research, innovation, design and technology.

Our work is often driven by changing and uncertain customer needs, technology capabilities, emerging business models and competitive landscapes.

    • Innovation Strategy: stakeholder & innovation workshops, research, landscaping, road mapping & futurescaping
    • Innovation Design: concept generation, creative problem solving, prototyping & development
    • Innovation Capability: learning safaris, benchmarking, workshops, coaching & training.
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Alan Cucknell

Head of Ignite Exponetial

Initially trained as an engineer, and with a passion for design, Alan has nearly 20 years of experience working with stakeholder insight, new business models and disruptive technology to help create winning innovation strategies for growth. Alan works across disciplines and industries, transferring insight, technologies and inspiration between domains.

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IEX Approach

We’ve fused Plextek’s deep hands-on technical experience in sensing, data collection, communications and advanced computing (e.g. AI, IoT and Edge) with leading expertise in innovation strategy and design to create a new way to help businesses grow in these disruptive times.

We partner with global industry leaders across business functions and industries to redefine strategic challenges, identify new opportunities, fortify concepts before development and create winning solutions.

We are not restricted to specific innovation processes or methodologies, but bring a broad toolbox of approaches and experiences to co-create strategic innovation and design future offerings.

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