Industrial Automation
Navigation, Localisation & Tracking Radio Spectrum Management Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Reaching Hazardous Areas Wide Area Sensor Networks New Visual, Electromagnetic & Hyper Spectral Sensors Inventory Management Time-critical Communications Fleet routing & Telematics Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) Augmented Reality (AR) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Navigation, Localisation & Tracking

Knowing who & what are where around large industrial sites poses various technical challenges

Radio Spectrum Management

With many systems sharing the same radio spectrum, mission critical services need robust protection from interference…

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Monitoring assets or delivering shipments have a growing part to play in increasing business effectiveness.

Reaching Hazardous Areas

Gathering insight from locations previously impossible to manually instrument (too hot, too cold or radioactive).

Wide Area Sensor Networks

Monitoring & controlling remote assets for predictive maintenance, improved process efficiency and safety.

New Visual, Electromagnetic & Hyper Spectral Sensors

New sensors are emerging at low price points that will enable some of the most challenging product & process monitoring use-cases to be tackled.

Inventory Management

Automated systems to record stock levels in real time allowing just in time delivery with minimal stock.

Time-critical Communications

True real-time process automation enabled by low latency communications.

Fleet routing & Telematics

Real time condition monitoring & large scale routing of vehicles becomes even more critical.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Mobility is changing in both public and private transport with huge associated technology challenges.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR for training, quality assurance and maintenance will revolutionise human interaction with infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Edge analytics will grow into full & partial autonomy allowing low capability embedded systems in sensors & robots to make smarter decisions.