Smart Cities
EV Charging & Smart Grids Utility Infrastructure Privacy & Security Integration of Services Scale Assisted Living Connectivity Parking & City Planning MaaS

EV Charging & Smart Grids

EV (Electric Vehicle) charging and local microgeneration/storage will create a whole new market in energy.

Utility Infrastructure

Monitoring and control will allow for more efficient utility infrastructure, saving money and precious resources.

Privacy & Security

Keeping devices and data secure from evolving threats needs security designed in from day one and an ability to apply patches remotely if security flaws appear over the deployment lifecycle.

Integration of Services

Imagine if air pollution sensors and dynamic road use charging were linked to create dynamic road pricing to reduce congestion? This level of joined up thinking will be possible as services integrate, modifying behaviours and improving environments.


Many Smart City developments to date have been too fragmented to impact society outside of small pilots. Wider deployments of successful systems will yield all the benefits of scale and begin to deliver real impact.

Assisted Living

Health and activity monitoring devices approach medical diagnostic quality, supporting fine grain monitoring of patients away from hospitals and helping the most vulnerable participate in their communities.


Ubiquitous high bandwidth data & massive Machine to Machine (M2M) communications will drive a wide range of new services. From millions of building management sensors making comfort and efficiency enhancing adjustments to latency free remote working.

Parking & City Planning

Apps to help find and pay for parking are already rolling out. Longer term trends may see separation of car parks from areas of densest population. Vast areas of our cities that have traditionally been given over to car parks will be re-used for housing, offices or green spaces.


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will take-off in cities with private car ownership diminishing and public transport becoming more personalised. But will people want to share their cars?