Configurable IoT Framework

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Plextek’s IoT framework enables rapid development and deployment of custom IoT solutions, particularly those requiring extended operation on battery power.

Activity detection in a hazards area
IOT Pollution monitoring

Our IoT framework consists of edge nodes, gateways and a cloud server. It provides several advantages for those seeking to design and deploy an IoT solution. Our edge nodes require no infrastructure and can last on battery power for over a decade whilst providing regular updates from sensor readings. The edge node can host a wide variety of sensors as it supports a range of communication protocols including USB, I2C, SPI and UART.

Edge nodes can communicate wirelessly up to 3 miles in urban, and 10 miles in rural areas and do not rely on cellular or other network infrastructure. The edge nodes also support edge processing, including efficient implementation of neural networks and other advanced machine learning methods including support for tensorflow.

The gateway can support communication with several thousand edge nodes and provides the link between them and a cloud based server via an internet connection. Wi-Fi, Cellular, Ethernet and Satellite can all be supported.

Our cloud-based server provides for a convenient means to design a custom user interface meaning you can get to market quicker, with technical confidence.

IOT for Predictive maintenance

Example Applications:

The IoT Framework can be used for a wide and diverse range of applications, including but not limited to:

Condition monitoring
Condition monitoring of infrastructure and equipment
Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance
Activity detection
Activity detection
Asset tracking
Asset tracking
Pollution monitoring
Pollution monitoring
Smart city infrastructure
Smart city infrastructure

The Framework

Iot framework diagram
Edge Nodes

These devices communicate to a gateway using a licence-free wireless protocol, requiring no infrastructure.

  • Supports edge processing and machine learning
  • Supports edge processing and machine learning
  • Supports USB, I2C, SPI and UART Protocols
  • Can host a wide variety of sensors including: motion, vibration, temperature, humidity, pressure, moisture and more
  • Tuneable between 150 MHz – 960 MHz
  • Communication range up to 3 miles urban and 10 miles rural
  • Low SWaP: Only 120 x 80 x 35mm. Weight: 200g. Ten year battery life on a D-Cell battery

This device can communicate with up to several thousand edge nodes, and provides connectivity to the cloud server.

  • Supports communication with several thousand edge nodes
  • Provides the link between the Nodes and a cloud based server
  • Can support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular or Satellite links to the cloud
  • Size: 140 x 80 x 40mm. Weight: 200g

A cloud based server where users can visualise data from the edge nodes and reconfigure.

Iot framework smart city

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