Configurable mm-wave radar module

Plextek’s PLX-T60 platform enables rapid development and deployment of custom mm-wave radar solutions at scale and pace.

level sensing

The PLX-T60 platform combines the Texas Instruments xWR6843 single-chip 60 – 64 GHz mm-wave radar chipset with a novel substrate integrated waveguide antenna designed to deliver enhanced sensing performance. The antenna design enables the  full bandwidth of the chip to be realised, providing either greater range resolution or enabling more devices to operate concurrently without mutual interference compared to other designs. Different antenna designs generate different beam patterns to suit a range of applications with optimal performance.

The PLX-T60 platform can output detections, point-cloud data, range-Doppler maps and raw baseband signals. It is also compatible with TI’s mmWave Studio.

Images show detection of moving target using the xWR6843ISK evaluation board (above), and a PLX-T60 platform (below)
mm-wave radar module - Detection of moving target

Key Features:

  • Up to 150 m detection range against a person
  • Higher signal-to-noise ratio*
  • Design enables efficient operation over the full bandwidth of the chip to be realised
  • More devices to operate concurrently without mutual interference*
  • Low Size Weight and Power
  • Texas Instruments Software Support
  • mmWave Studio compatibility
  • Software Development with Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Uniflash compatibility
  • Full compatibility with the OOB demo (PLX-T60B)
  • Additional config files available for high resolution (PLX-T60A) long-range variants (PLX-T60C and PLX-T60D)
  • A range of antenna configurations available
  • Better range resolution
*Compared with Texas Intruments xWR6843ISK Evaluation board
mm-wave fall detection

Example Applications:

The PLX-T60 platform can be used for a wide and diverse range of applications, including but not limited to:

Radar - Ball Tracking
Ball tracking in sports
(e.g. tennis, cricket)
Collision avoidance (vehicles and autonomous platforms)
Collision avoidance
(vehicles and autonomous platforms)
Activity detection and classification
Activity detection and classification
Perimeter security
Perimeter security
Vital signs monitoring
Vital signs monitoring
Level sensing
Level sensing

PLX-T60 mm-wave radar

The PLX-T60 platform can be integrated into your product through:

  • Integrating one of our existing designs as an OEM module within your product
  • Using an existing PLX-T60 platform as a base, and tasking Plextek to:
  • Design a custom antenna solution to provide the required beam coverage and gain
  • Modify electronic circuitry to provide desired I/O connectivity
PLX-60 mm-Wave Radar
A: An antenna, which can be configured for a range of different application
B: xWR6843 Chipset with custom firmware modifications to support non standard antenna configuration
C: Electronic circuitry to power and drive the radar chipset and provide connectivity to external devices

PLX-60 Configurations:

PLX-T60A PLX-T60B PLX-T60C PLX-T60D Configurable mm-wave radar module
Very short range wide field of view (3D)
PLX-T60B PLX-T60C PLX-T60D Configurable mm-wave radar module
Short range (3D)
PLX-T60C PLX-T60D Configurable mm-wave radar module
Medium range (3D)
PLX-T60D Configurable mm-wave radar module
Long range detection and tracking (2D)

Size: 70 x 60 x 8mm*

Weight: 15g*

Power Consumption: Up to 2.5 W

Frequency Range: 60 – 64 GHz Antenna return loss better than 10 dB

Beamwidth Configurations: Azimuth – 36˚ to 110˚ (HPBW) Elevation – 12˚ to 30˚

Angular Resolution: Azimuth – from 12˚ Elevation – from 3˚

Range Resolution: From 4 cm

Detection Range: Up to 150 m for person

Supply Voltage: 5 V, 500 mA

Connectivity: USB

* may vary with selected antenna pattern

mm-wave for perimeter security
mm-wave for activity detection and classification

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